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Fashion Designer, Kim Phan uses Mask Sheets whenever she flies to Asia. "I don't care if I look silly! I want to keep my skin from drying out," she says.

Birchbox Breakdown

Designer Kim Phan introduced us to these one-time-use masks from Korea’s The Face Shop. We love them because they provide instant gratification (revived skin in just 15-20 minutes) and are inexpensive enough to last us between real facials.

How it Works

The mask sheets are made of strong, all-natural fabric that has been soaked in a special cocktail of skin-healing ingredients. When you lay the mask on your face the actives are able to sink deep below the surface and work their hydrating magic. The Collagen Mask Sheets are ideal for a whole range of skin types because it is extra-moisturizing and softening without being heavy.

How to Use

Open the package and unfold the Mask Sheet. Carefully fit it over your face and then lay back; if you walk around it’ll drip all over you. (Note: you are going to look silly and a little bit scary in the mask. You might want to warn roommates, husbands, etc so they aren’t startled.)

Remove mask after 15-20 minutes and either pat face dry or massage remaining liquid into skin.

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