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If you have a pesky stain, pre-treat it using The Laundress’s® Stain Solution.

Birchbox Breakdown

Dry cleaning bills can pile up quickly (and who really wants to spend their precious paycheck that way?). Instead of outsourcing your cleaning, do it yourself with The Laundress’ Wool & Cashmere Shampoo. In addition to saving you cash, this luxe will also extend the longevity of the yarns and make your knits softer than ever. Plus, you won’t have to subject your pieces to toxic chemicals used in dry cleaning — instead, they’ll smell of fresh cedar, a natural moth and bug repellant.

How it Works

This gentle wash is made specifically for wool, merino, wool blends, angora, mohair, cashmere, down, sweaters, hats, scarves, gloves, and blankets. It uses a combination of cedar extracts as well as sulfate-free shampoo to clean and preserve yarn’s natural components.

How to Use

It’s best to wash your knits by hand. If doing so, use cold water and two capfuls (1/16 cup) or detergent. If you’re using a high-efficiency washing machine, set it to the delicate/woolens cycle and cold water and use four capfuls (1/8 cup). When washing with a top-loader, set to the delicate/woolens cycle and cold water and use eight capfuls (1/4 cup). Always lay flat to dry in a natural shape and never, ever, ever use a dryer. Ever.

Biodegradable, plant-based ionic and non-ionic surfactants and blend of essential oils. pH balanced, VOC, phosphate, phthalate and dye free.

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