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Thomas Paul Phone Case - Denim

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Coordinate all your travel gear with Thomas Paul’s postmodern iPad and laptop cases.

Thomas Paul

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Birchbox Breakdown

Confession: We relish the moment when the flight attendant asks us to power down. As much as we love our various gadgets, there’s something wonderful about the absence of that nonstop, high-tech hum. Part of our excitement? Getting to stash our rarely off phone in this nifty retro case. The quilted cotton canvas not only keeps our device out of harm’s way, it also looks pretty darn cool.

How it Works

This hand silk-screened case measures 3 in. by 5 in. and is made from 100% quilted cotton canvas.

How to Use

Zip your phone inside this quilted cocoon and stash it until you’re ready to plug back into the real world.

100% grey cotton denim

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I purchased this item as a stocking stuffer. I decided to try it and I found this phone case absolutely useless. First of all, it fits my iPhone like a glove. So tight, I could barely zip it up. Then, to my surprise, I was unable to unzip it. It held my iPhone captive! The zipper caught the inner lining and ended up tearing it, so even after I rescued my phone, the case was unusable and in ungiftable condition.

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