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Carry your favorite scent with you wherever you go with the TOCCA Crema da Mano.


Birchbox Breakdown

Scents tend to unlock memories we’ve shelved away. And with this set of fragranced votives, created to remind us of familiar places and far-off destinations, we can escape to our favorite place-in-time, anywhere, at any hour. The charming candles are small enough for travel, but last long enough to fill a room with your scent of choice.

How it Works

This boxed set comes with four travel-size votives and a coordinating matchbox. The fragrances include Cleopatra (grapefruit and cucumber), Grace (casablanca lily), Havana (spiced rum and sugarcane), and Kyoto (kinmokusei flower and peach nectar).

How to Use

Remove candle from outer packaging, light, and take a trip back in time. For optimal use, allow wax to melt evenly by burning between 30 minutes and two hours.

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Tiny candles

I was surprised how tiny these candles are, especially for the price. They are even smaller than votives! I have only burned one so far (Cleopatra) and during the first two-hour burn, the smell was not noticeable, even thought I was only a few feet away from the candle. During the second two-hour burn, I did notice more of a scent. For $10.00+ per candle, they are just too small, and because they are so small, the scent doesn't permeate the room as much as I would like. Also, when I opened the box, the labels were turned around backwards and sideways. For a premium item, I would expect them to be packaged perfectly, so if I gave them as a gift, they would look nice upon opening. I will not buy these again.

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These beautiful t-cup candles are so sweet. They add a little light and a soft fragrance. Absolutely recommend if you love candles.

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So adorable

I love the way these candles came. In a cute little gift box with matches packed in too. I love the variety in the scents too. I burn one for an hour or 2 and it's enough to fill the whole house.

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tocca products come through again!

I absolutely love these candles. They last for a really long time and the scents are just fabulous. I am so glad I purchased these. I am a candle fanatic and these offer something that I have yet to find in terms of fragrance. I love all tocca products and these candles do not disappoint. Lighting these candles after the end of a long day's worth of running around and work is something I look forward to on a daily basis. Well worth their price.

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Tocca Candles

I have had many Tocca products and their candles are probably one of their best lines. There hasn't been a candle from them that I haven't enjoyed yet. Reasonably priced and had a long burn time from my experience.

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