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Can’t get enough of these luxe scents? Pick up TOCCA’s Crema de Mano Hand Cream—it’s a handbag must-have.

TOCCA Candela - Marrakesh

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Birchbox Breakdown

Has a scent ever sent you flying back to the past? Our sense of smell is linked so strongly to our memories, and for us, that’s never more apparent than around the holidays. From earthy pine to sweet vanilla, we’ll be burning these limited-edition beauties from the fragrance pros at TOCCA for a year-round trip down memory lane.

How to Use

Choose between Marrakesh, a blend of sweet tobacco and vanilla notes; Chamonix, a classic scent of rosemary and pine; and Meribel, which features soothing vanilla and fig. Paraffin wax and a cotton wick burn cleanly without releasing environmental toxins into the air. Each limited-edition scented candle comes in a gold-embellished glass container—perfect to add a little sparkle to your vanity or mantle.

Paraffin And Vegetable Proprietary Wax Blend And 100% Cotton Wick

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