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For an all-over clean, pair any brush head with the [Clarisonic PLUS Face & Body Sonic Cleansing System[(/shop/clarisonic-plus-cleansing-brush).

Clarisonic Dual Brush Head Pack

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Can’t get enough of Clarisonic? We feel you. For a limited time, get a free Clarisonic Sonic Radiance Trio with any Clarisonic with qualifying full-size Clarisonic purchase from the Birchbox Shop. Use code: SONICTRIO at checkout.

Birchbox Breakdown

Two heads are better than one, as the saying goes—and this complexion-clearing, money-saving pair prove just that. The two brush heads, which work with the Clarisonic face and body cleansing systems, will last for a total six months. That means putting these heads together gets us half a year of ultraclean skin at a value price—an idea we can get behind.

How to Use

Attach the brush head to your Clarisonic system, then scrub your face (or body) daily. Swap out for a fresh brush head after 3 months—and lucky you, you already have a spare.

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Dual Pack = Better Deal!

You save $10 by buying the dual pack!

So as an avid Clarisonic user, I always wondered about replacing the brush heads every 3 months as suggested. Personally, I don't want to spend ~$100 on brush heads each year and have found that with proper cleaning and disinfecting, it is not necessary to replace that often. I have gone a good 6 months before replacing mine and they were still in good condition.

I clean my brush head after every use, usually with a make-up removing cleanser to prevent build up on gunk. I also take the brush head off the Clarisonic device to let is dry and aerate better. Each week, I use a makeup brush cleaner the give it a thorough cleaning. This removes oils, bacteria, and product. I can tell it's time to replace the heads when the bristles start to fray out (which takes at least 6 months before noticing it) or have a tinge of color that I can't remove through cleaning.

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always love

These brushes do a wonderful job. I get the deep cleansing and my daughter gets the acne brushes. I change mine out every 3 months and wash them with mild soap every week.

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Best product

I love Clarisonic! I have been using this cleansing system since 2009 and it is wonderful. The best deal is buying the dual brush heads. There are many different types to choose from based on your skin type. I would research which one suits your needs and don't hesitate to purchase them!!!

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Faulty? (radiance brushes)

I've never ordered these brush heads from Birchbox before so when I received then and they were already slightly frayed I just let it be, because returning things tends to be a pain because I don't have a car to get to places to return things. I should have returned them, I ordered in mid March and it is currently mid May. I threw one out after a month of use and the second one is frayed to bits. I regret not returning them, as usually Birchbox is very helpful.

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Love it!

The sensitive brushes are by far my favorite. They aren't too rough, yet it scrubs enough to really cleanse my face!

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