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For an all-over clean, pair any brush head with the [Clarisonic PLUS Face & Body Sonic Cleansing System[(/shop/clarisonic-plus-cleansing-brush).

Clarisonic Dual Brush Head Pack


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Birchbox Breakdown

Two heads are better than one, as the saying goes—and this complexion-clearing, money-saving pair prove just that. The two brush heads, which work with the Clarisonic face and body cleansing systems, will last for a total six months. That means putting these heads together gets us half a year of ultraclean skin at a value price—an idea we can get behind.

How to Use

Attach the brush head to your Clarisonic system, then scrub your face (or body) daily. Swap out for a fresh brush head after 3 months—and lucky you, you already have a spare.

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Dual Pack = Better Deal!

You save $10 by buying the dual pack!

So as an avid Clarisonic user, I always wondered about replacing the brush heads every 3 months as suggested. Personally, I don't want to spend ~$100 on brush heads each year and have found that with proper cleaning and disinfecting, it is not necessary to replace that often. I have gone a good 6 months before replacing mine and they were still in good condition.

I clean my brush head after every use, usually with a make-up removing cleanser to prevent build up on gunk. I also take the brush head off the Clarisonic device to let is dry and aerate better. Each week, I use a makeup brush cleaner the give it a thorough cleaning. This removes oils, bacteria, and product. I can tell it's time to replace the heads when the bristles start to fray out (which takes at least 6 months before noticing it) or have a tinge of color that I can't remove through cleaning.

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Love it!

The sensitive brushes are by far my favorite. They aren't too rough, yet it scrubs enough to really cleanse my face!

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I can't live without my clarisonic. It's a daily must have for me. The dual brushes are a no brainer, cheaper in two's and longer time before I will need them again. The clarisonic keeps my face feeling soft and clean. I just can't say enough great things about it. I don't think I could survive without it.

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Brush Heads

Love Clarisonic. My face cleared up instantly taking years off my appearance. Nothing beats the official brand brush heads :)

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Great Deal

I love my clarisonic and just recently bought the twin pack to try the deep pore heads. I have now used them twice and I love the way my face feels.

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