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Want tighter curls? Try ENZO Milano’s Conico Grande 25/18MM, which has a graduated barrel that tapers from 1 inch in diameter at the base of the iron to 3/4 inch at the top.

Enzo Milano

Birchbox Breakdown

When it comes to hair, we say the bigger the better (and we’re not the only ones). This curling iron has all the components of other ENZO Milano products—ergonomic design, nonstick barrel, ceramic heating—but with a larger barrel for big, wavy curls and red carpet-ready volume.

How it Works

This professional clipless curling iron pairs a ceramic core with Tribostatic technology to deliver even heat throughout the wand. The nonstick barrel measures 1 1/4 inches in diameter for large, soft waves and has an 8 foot cord. It also comes with a heat-resistant glove.

How to Use

First, prep hair with a protective oil or spray. Next, take small sections of hair and wrap around the iron, making sure not to touch the iron with your hand. Let set for about 3-4 seconds, then release. For natural looking waves, pull on the end of hair to loosen curls. Remember: Always use the heat-resistant glove for safety.

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Not easy to use & disappointing construction :((

This was very hard for me to use. The larger barrel made it harder to get a good tight curl.
The construction was also disappointing. I had high expectations since this tool cost six times more than other brands you can pick up at the local store. My 10 year old curling iron is more solid than this.

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Super easy to make really pretty waves! love this. I haven't needed to use the glove either. it doesnt burn your hair either.

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