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Next up: mastering the art of lip liner. Arm yourself for success with the JAPONESQUE® Retractable Lip Brush.


Birchbox Breakdown

If your attempts to draw a straight line end up looking like the results of a failed lie detector test, this Angled Eyeliner Brush is for you. Armed with a sharply slanted tip, it lets you apply cream, powder, and liquid liners with a level of precision that borders on the professional. And as any makeup artist will tell you, choosing the right brush is more than half the battle. Bonus: This convenient travel-size version lets you take your mad eyeliner skills on the road.

How it Works

If this eyeliner brush had a motto, it would be: “Control, control, control.” Armed with a row of stiff, synthetic bristles, it lets you trace as close to your lash line as possible without wobbling. Create a minimalist or mod-style thick line, a cat-eye swoop, or contour your brows—the choices are endless with this perfectly proportioned brush.

How to Use

You can use this brush wet or dry, depending on your shadow or liner of choice. Dip the brush into the pigment, tap off excess, and lightly press the color into the lash line. Easy, right?

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