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JAPONESQUE® Dual Sharpener


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We’ll get straight to the point: When getting ready in the a.m. or before going out at night, there are fewer things more frustrating than a dull pencil. This two-sided sharpener comes to our rescue. It has a small opening for eye and lip liners and a larger one for chubby pencils, and its sleek black packaging ensures mess-free sharpening.

How to Use

Find the appropriate opening for your liner or pencil, and sharpen away.

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It sharpens but does not stay together

This sharpener sharpens perfectly but it defeats the purpose when it does not stay together. It might as well be sold as a two piece instead of a single unit.

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This little black beauty is a MUST!!!

This sharpener is a dream . It works so well that I started to hunt down every makeup pencil that I own or that was in my vicinity . I was so tired of being in a rush getting ready and not having an adequate pencil sharpener. Until now , every poor excuse for a sharpener I had would just hinder me and cause me to run late . If you've ever had a makeup pencil literally break off or poke your eye then please treat yourself and try this . I surprised myself by purchasing a nine dollar sharpener here and I'm really glad I did . I'm really surprising myself by writing a review going on and on , waxing poetic waxing poetic about something so simple. A sharpener? I am because it is pretty amazing. This device works well and works well every time . It will sharpen two different sizes . Surprisingly, it actually will work for most of your chunky pencils:)

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design could be better - but icicle sharp pencils, yo

i can't believe how sharp this thing gets my pencils. in fact, i think i owe this product my ability to finally make a halfway decent cat eye. wow. i just have a teeny lil quibble with the design. i love the unusual barrel shape and the dual end. but you know how your drugstore sharpeners are always coming apart in your makeup bag, and that plastic clear thingy is falling off and all the shavings you were too lazy to empty out come out, not to mention mushy crumbs of eye or lipliner? well, i was really hoping that this would be the end of that. see, i thought the two halves would screw together to hold tight. but nah, one half just fits into the other, snuglike, but not quite snug enough to prevent the occasional shavings dump. so that's disappointing. but anyhoo. icicle. sharp. eyeliners. worth it.

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Best. Sharpener. Ever!

I've been using regular pencil sharpeners for my eye liner, lip liner, and brow pencils. Don't do that. Don't be like me. DO buy this sharpener. It's small, it's inexpensive, and it ROCKS! No more leaving half of the point behind because it got stuck in the end, no more uneven sharpening which leaves you scratching yourself with a sharpened edge.

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Eater of beloved pencils!

I needed a sharpener for my 'chubby'-sized lip and eye pencils so did a bit of research and found that this one seemed to have the most positive feedback etc. I tried it first on a Clinique lip crayon, was delighted with the ease of use and fast, neat results, and readied my little pile of pencils for their turn. Alas, alas.....both Cargo eye crayons had a good half inch eaten up and I still was not able to sharpen to anything like a soft point . Same with my Chella highlighter. I tried refrigerating all 3 pencils overnight; same results followed. I am so, so disappointed! The Cargo eye crayons are my favorite and I am MAD to have lost so much of their precious selves to the teeth of this useless sharpener beast. I am thinking I will have to try my Exacto knife now to salvage them. BAH HUMBUG.

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