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JAPONESQUE® Makeup Brush Cleanser Spray


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You’d never think about going a week without washing your hair or doing your laundry—and the same rule should apply to cleaning your makeup brushes. Made with environmentally safe ingredients, this cleanser is gentle yet strong enough to dissolve residue from most formulas, including powder, cream, gel, and wax-based. Compatible with both natural and synthetic bristles, it leaves your brushes looking like new.

How to Use

For quick cleaning, spritz the formula directly onto the brush, and wipe with a paper towel. Make sure the brush is completely dry before using.

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Great for everyday!

This is a great little cleanser with a citrus-y scent. Some other reviewers have noted that it has an oily feeling which is true. BUT I have really sensitive, breakout prone skin and it's never caused me to break out. It does a great job and removes a ton of makeup from my brushes.

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Great cleaner!

I love how clean this gets my makeup brushes! It doesn't take that long and is real easy to use. It also smells really nice!

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Make up brush cleanser

Amazing product. It's very easy to use and very effective. I just spray a bit on my make up brush and twirl the bristles on a paper towel. It leaves my brushes clean and it does clean thoroughly.

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Awesome 'in-between' cleanser

This spray cleanser is awesome for between full on cleanings with soap and water. I feel like the many reviewers saying this gets oily or coats the bristles too much are probably using way too much product. With just a couple of quick sprays onto the tip of your brush you can wipe away tons of product from your brush onto a tissue and have a pretty clean brush. This stuff is perfect for when you're using your brushes daily for new colors and want to quickly remove the old coloration on them to start fresh. I wouldn't use it to coat the brushes heavily and try to remove every single particle of product. Soap and water is better for that. However, this can't be beat for removing a lot of product on a tissue so you have a clean slate to use for your next color on a daily basis. I'd recommend using a regular cleaning method once a week or so for deep cleaning, and using this quick spray to clean off the surface of your brush so that you have a nice, clean brush to use with a fresh color and to quickly get rid of lingering surface germs or yuckies. My husband actually threw this into my stocking for Christmas on a wild guess and now I can't live without it. Every morning as I'm grabbing each brush I'm going to use I just spritz the tip lightly once or twice, rub on a tissue I keep out on my vanity and then I have a nice colorless, fluffy, clean brush to use. Just don't use too much! Spray once or twice right onto the end of your brush and you'll be amazed at how much color comes off onto the tissue.

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Amazing stuff!

Alright, so this is the first brush cleaner solution I've used, but this is magic. I've been using my cheap brushes for about 6 months and have never cleaned them beyond swirling them on a paper towel until no more color comes off (ew, I know, but oh well). A few sprays of this stuff and my brushes were sparking clean like they had never seen powder before! Amazing, and definitely something I'll be reordering.

Pros: light citrus scent that you could miss if you weren't looking for it (otherwise odorless), dries quickly, cleans well, doesn't leave a residue on my hands (after washing with soap)

Cons: this bottle leaks like none other - if it's tilted enough for the solution to even think about leaking it does.

I'm guessing the leaking is just an unfortunately quality of this specific bottle, not the product's typical behavior. I'll certainly be ordering again even if it does continue to leak, though!

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