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Use this brush to sweep on Dermablend™ Professional Cover Crème for an even, streak-free finish.

Dermablend™ Professional

Birchbox Breakdown

With this brush, we can look out for the environment and our makeup routine at the same time. Its handle is made of bamboo (one of the most sustainable materials on the planet), its bristles contain absolutely no animal hair, and its sleek black ferrule (the metal bit that joins the two) is built of recycled aluminum. And since this coverage-focused brand is serious about a flawless finish, we know we can expect smooth, even application from this eco-friendly brush.

How it Works

This brush was not only made with the environment in mind, but designed to pair perfectly with Dermablend™ Professional foundations. It narrows at the tip, making it easy to apply foundation to sides of the nose, around the lips, and other hard-to-target spots.

How to Use

Dab a small amount of foundation onto brush. Apply with light strokes, starting around the nose, lips, and chin and working out towards the jawline.

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