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If patterned tweezers are your thing, check out Tweezerman’s Mix ‘N Match Runway Print Mini Slant® Tweezer, which comes in, you guessed it, runway-inspired prints


Birchbox Breakdown

Mirrors are to tweezers as cheese is to macaroni—fine as separates but so, so much better together. It’s not surprising, then, that Tweezerman has released a duo consisting of a convenient pocket mirror and a travel-size version of its signature Slant® tweezers (which, by the way, have been an Allure “Best of Beauty” winner for 12 years). Both the tweezers and the mirror are covered in a bold zig zag print, meaning you’ll have no trouble finding them in your purse.

How it Works

The tweezers have perfectly aligned tips that are hand-filed at a 45-degree angle. These tips, coupled with well-calibrated tension, allow for easy grabbing and mega pulling power.

How to Use

Before tweezing, open pores by taking a hot shower or placing a warm washcloth over your face. In order to prevent breakage, tweeze in the direction of hair growth. After tweezing, follow with a splash of cold water or toner to close pores.

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These tweezers are super cute in print and size! They are sharp and work really well. The mirror is an added bonus. I found a cute little pouch and put them in my purse so they can go with me everywhere!

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Colorful and sweet!

This little set is so bright and cheerful. The tweezers
Are of very good quality. Easy to find in makeup
Drawer with that colorful pattern.

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Awesome set!

I was a little hesitant to spend almost $20 on a mirror and mini tweezers.
I just got them today and it is totally worth it!
They are sharp and they grab the tiniest hairs.
Plus, the design is super cute.
I would definitely buy this again!

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