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Use the extra-large mirror to evenly apply Paul & Joe’s Full Coverage Lipstick.

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When it’s time for a makeup touchup, we usually opt for our phone’s camera (since the do-it-all device is probably in our hand anyway). But ever since we found this compact mirror from Paul & Joe Beauté, we’ve had the urge to take a step back from the tech and opt for this retro revival instead. Whether it’s a lipstick refresher, teeth check, or just some sly behind-the-back scoping, this shiny silver number’s got you covered.

How it Works

The mirror is slim, but that doesn’t mean it lacks for size—your entire face will be visible. The back lid folds back to make a stand, perfect for a quick desk check or gloss on the go, and the chrysanthemum print adds a touch of classic elegance.

How to Use

Stash in your handbag for touchups wherever and whenever they’re needed.

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Much bigger than I expected but it is PERFECT for my beach bag. Super slim and lightweight, and the bottom part is great for resting your blush as you apply it if held correctly. Love it!

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Sleek Physique

Stylish and compact. This vintage-esque mirror is just perfect for that clutch or makeup bag. Every girl needs a mirror when there is not one accessible. This little guy is just the thing for you!

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Beaute by Paul & Joe

I really would love to know if Paul & Joe are two very sexy men or the name to make women think two dudes are coming up with all this beautiful loot. I first bought a large pink plastic container with the beautiful embossed logo of Paul & Joe on it and loved the smell of the powder plus the fine finish for my skin. It even works well for the hot spring and summer southern nights of high humidity with almost a dew point that lets the moisture on my skin feel like I've been in the rain. The next product I bought was the small compact with two colors of blush in it. It was so purrrfect in all my little bags I just had to have a few more so that I didn't have to change all the essentials from each bag I choose to use for the day or night. And of late I have been in love with the matching lipstick/gloss in several colors. Of course I started with one but am now up to four so I have two colors for each purse I have chosen for this season. I'm in love with these products but REALLY want to know who's behind them! Or perhaps ahead of them.

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