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Before breaking out the brushes, use stila’s double-ended blending sponge to apply foundation to face and neck.


Birchbox Breakdown

Navigating the world of makeup brushes is about as daunting as navigating LA during rush hour. While we’re still searching for ways to improve the latter, stila’s pro artist brush set has, happily, resolved the former. This collection of five brushes—hand-selected by stila’s team of makeup artists—includes all of the tools needed to conceal, contour, and apply eye makeup flawlessly. Plus, it comes with a travel-friendly pouch for keeping all your tools in one place.

How it Works

The set comes with a precision crease brush (#7) to apply and blend color on your eye crease, an all over shadow brush (#5) for your eyelids, and an eyeliner brush (#13) that works with everything from powder shadow to gel liner. It also includes a domed concealer brush (#33b) for hiding blemishes as well as a flat-topped contour and blush brush (#21) for making the most of your cheekbones.

How to Use

Use the concealer brush to cover up spots and blemishes as needed. Blend shadow along your crease with the crease brush. Follow with the shadow brush to sweep color over eyelids and the eyeliner brush to help define eyes. The edge of the contour and blush brush blends bronzer or foundation just beneath the cheekbone, while the brush’s flat top can be used to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks.

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Brushes are falling apart after one use

I love Stila but I'm super disappointed in this product. I had initially bought my set for a 2 month vacation but then of course, I forgot it at home. So I was excited that I had a little goodie bag waiting for me. First use, it did just what I needed it to. Went back the next day and the head of the contour brush had popped off and now I'm find that it sheds. Needless to say, I'm frustrated that I paid for a one time use out of these brushes. Sill love Stila makeup, but I will not be purchasing the brushes again.

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