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Tracey Tanner Andie Wallet in Turquoise

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More of a clip-on kind of girl? Check out Tracey Tanner’s Clip Pouch – it attaches securely on a belt or inside your purse.

Tracey Tanner

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  • 4.5"x3"   
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Birchbox Breakdown

Big wallets have their place—where else are you supposed to stash all those restaurant punch cards?—but sometimes we just want to grab the essentials and go. That’s when we reach for this pocket-sized leather wallet from Brooklyn designer Tracey Tanner. It has enough room for a few business cards, an apartment key, and a little cash, plus it fits snugly in the pocket of even our skinniest of skinny jeans.

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Available in two shades, Turquoise and Sparkle Champagne, these supercute compact wallets are made to order and handcrafted right in the heart of NYC. Each measures 4.5 in. x 3 in.


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Super cute but not "sealed"

So the fastener is the thing that hold this all together. It's super cute, but that means the bottom of the envelope slits are not sealed. It's great for cards, but cannot hold change b/c of the slits.

It's also not as super small as described - to fit into super skinny jeans, that fastener sticks out quite a bit.

Overall it's cute, and the leather's great quality, but the slits make it not able to hold change, and the fastener sticks out too much.

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