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Editor's Tip Editor's Tip

Who says tech gadgets need to be in grayscale? This battery pack comes in three colors, including green and blue.

Triple C Designs iCharge ALL

$39.00 Ships Free
1.75" H x 2.75" W x 0.75" D



Birchbox Breakdown

We don’t throw around the word game-changing lightly, but this gadget definitely fits the bill. Triple C Design’s iCharge ALL puts a stop to all those wild goose chases through airport lounges and friends’ apartments for outlets to charge your dying device. The sleek, pocket-sized battery pack enough electrical power to fully recharge your iPhone or iPod and buys you hours of extra use on your iPad.

How to Use

Charge it up with the included USB cord with either a power adaptor or computer. Stow it in your bag, car, or desk drawer and use whenever necessity calls.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

great gift

looking for something for the man in your life? this is a great gift, my son really finds it useful when he is travelling

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Low battery no more

This is a handy dandy little device. I no longer stress about the low battery red zone when I am traveling and the bright green color makes it easy to locate in my bag!

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Awesome product

The iChargeALL has bailed me out several times when I really needed a charge for my iPhone! Especially after installing ios7, the phone seems to lose power quicker, so I always have my iCharge at the ready! The only thing is that if you have a bigger phone case, you may need to remove it in order for the iCharge to properly connect.

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Not all that I hoped it would be...

So I will have to say that I am somewhat disappointed with this product. I am more disappointed that I utilized the points I earned to buy it when I could have used it on several other products I wanted. Bummer.

My issues... First, I do not like that it doesn't snap into my phone (iPhone 4s) and can just charge. I have to find some way to prop it so it stays in place or hold it, which is a nuisance. Secondly, I have to charge it immediately after using which I find not very convenient. One use and done? So then I'm trying to find a USB port to charge this device. I thought I would be able to get at least a couple charges out of it.

Overall, I am glad that I have it for those "just in case" situations. But I have to always make sure its charged which sometimes I am not very good at. And I do like the size and how I can just throw it in my purse, that does make it convenient. But more disappointed that I used my points on it...

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Fully charged, if you're a contortionist.

I bought the iCharge ALL specifically for use on a road trip, where I would be taking a lot of pictures and didn't want to be troubled with having to find an outlet at every coffee shop or restaurant I patronized to get my power fix.

While the iCharge certainly is portable, it doesn't just firmly snap onto your phone. I was hoping that I could click it into place, throw it in my bag, and my phone would magically charge while I was out and about. I found that the connection to the phone port isn't that stable, and you have to figure out a way to prop up the device so that it doesn't disconnect from your phone. I was on the fence between ordering this device and another that gives only 1/2 a charge. Given the inconvenience of the iCharge ALL's poor design, I would have ordered the other option.

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