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When you have a bit more time for brow maintenance, make sure those arches are perfectly plucked with Tweezerman’s LED 15X Lighted Mirror.

Birchbox Breakdown

Somehow, we always seem to catch a glimpse of stray eyebrow hairs at the most inconvenient times. Now, we’re prepared to pluck at a moment’s notice thanks to this tiny kit from Tweezerman. The sleek silver leather case contains not only itty-bitty tweezers, but also a mini-sized highlighter pencil, brow mousse, and styling brush. Fancy alert: the set’s Stainless Crystal Mini Slant Tweezers are adorned with Swarovski® crystals, making even the most mundane of tasks feel glam.

How it Works

This kit is great for on-the-go brow maintenance. Use the Stainless Crystal Mini Slant Tweezer to pluck any out-of-place hairs, and shape the rest of your brows with the Mini Browmousse and Mini Brow Styling Brush. Finish the look with the Mini Eyenhance Highlighter, and you’re on your way.

How to Use

Always tweeze in the direction of hair growth, and be careful not to overdo it: Full brows are in. Sweep your brows into place by combing a dab of mousse into arches with the styling brush. Finally, add highlighter just below the brow and to the inner corner of the eye for a bright, healthy look.

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Travel care to go!

love all the extras that came with this however the tweezers do not work as well as others that I have tried by tweezerman in the past so I was a little disappointed in them. This is great to travel with.

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Brow Love!

This kit is so lux in it's leather case filled with all supplies needed to achieve GREAT eyebrows! Being a long-tine Tweezerman fan I planned on loving this kit but didn't know true love until I tried their brow mousse! It creates a more well-defined brow with every single hair in place. It's nice that it doesn't feel crunchy or crispy at all, and it goes on great with the brush! I will be buying more of the brow mousse as well as their fabulous highlighter pencil; awesome for on- the-go touch-ups that LOOK like you spent hours creating the perfect brow! OH, and having a quick grab-and-go highlighter pencil is soooo great, especially for the summer heat when we are all sweating our make up off. It's such a small touch to add that gives great effects!

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Perfect Set for your Handbag

I love Tweezerman tweezers. I've used them for years and love the quality and ability to have them sharpened for the life of the tool. As they've added more products - mousse, highlighters etc. I've tried them all.

Putting them together with everything you need to pull it together is perfect. Packs tiny or tosses into your bag if you don't have time to fully groom on your way out the door!

I've had a full size, crystal adorned tweezer in my bathroom for several years - sharpened only once so far, but hopefully living with me for a long time.

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