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Two Paper Dolls’ colorful Ampersand Coasters lend the same charming punch to tabletops — they’re perfect for entertaining.

Birchbox Breakdown

Forget the tiara: this witty clock lets everyone know there’s a queen in their presence, and she has a good sense of humor. We love how the cheerful clockface — a letterpress print on high-grade paper — strikes the perfect balance between homespun and cool.

How it Works

The letterpress print is rendered in crisp detail and mounted on a clean-lined wooden clock. The clock runs on one AA battery.

How to Use

Either hang it on the wall or stand it upright. Check when you’re running late, pressed for time, or just need a chuckle.

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beautiful clock

I bought this for my mom, as she refers to herself as the queen. I gave it last year as a mothers day gift, and it looks great in her office.

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Too expensive for such poor quality

The design is adorable and the paper is a great texture, but this clock has several problems. There are more than 12 bees on the face, which makes it hard to tell time, even with the 3 in the correct position. Also, the clock hands are made from a cheap metal that bends easily. The clock hands aren't screwed on tight enough, so they fall to the 6 position even after you set the time. As much as I wanted to love this, must return.

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