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For warmer weather or your indoor workouts, try Under Armour’s brightly colored Braided Mini Headbands.

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Come wintertime, Mother Nature seems to try her darndest to keep our workout motivation to a minimum (unbearable temperatures and dark mornings don’t have us springing out of bed). But Under Armour has the right gear to help you rally. This cold weather-ready headband helps fight off the chill and absorbs sweat to keep you dry. And the slightly graduated construction and stretchy elastic binding ensure a comfortable, stay-put fit, so you can focus on your form—not how freezing it is outside.

How it Works

A quick dry construction helps the headband wick moisture during your workout, while soft UA Tech™ lining uses odor-killing, antimicrobial technology for prolonged wear between washes. The heathered ColdGear® sweater fabric helps you stay warm, and the elastic binding means it’s durable and has a secure fit.

How to Use

Slip over hair to keep strands in place—then go forth and show the cold who’s boss.

100% polyester

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Keeps my ears warm and headphones in

like the title says, this awesome headband keeps my ears warm during my cold morning runs, but doesnt push my earbuds out. It feels tight at first, but it stretches out to fit.

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Warm, a little tight

I purchased this at a local sporting goods store for an outdoor NFL game. It's a thin material but somehow kept me warm. It was a little tight but seemed to loosen up as I wore it.

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