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Now that you’re serious, swap out that heavy cotton tee for Under Armour’s HeatGear® Sonic Compression Short Sleeve.

Under Armour UA Micro Solid Shorts in Black

$29.99 Ships Free
Inseam: 10”



Birchbox Breakdown

Comfort and convenience aren’t words we’d normally associate with exercise, but these superior shorts make a sprint feel more like a cakewalk. Designed to promote both swiftness and agility, they’re second only to a trainer with a stopwatch.

How to Use

Though light and stretchy, these shorts consist of durable polyester. Their ventilated fabric—with Under Armour’s signature sweat-wicking technology—keeps you dry and cool, while an elastic waistband and drawstring cord keep them in place as you crush reps or log miles. This pair even includes mesh hand pockets for your keys or pedometer.

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