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The eyes may have it, but your face is important too. Keep it looking good with VitaMan’s Face Moisturiser.


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Your eyes are the key to making a good impression—whether you’re looking to land a job or snag a date—so you should take care of the more delicate skin that frames them. This soothing gel does away with dark circles and puffiness, plus, amazingly, it also works as a lip balm to treat dry, cracked lips and an all-over face serum to even out your skin tone.

How it Works

Rosehip oil, extracted from the seeds of wild rose bushes, moisturizes the skin around the eyes and lips, while antioxidant-rich green tea extract helps reverse skin damage. Coenzyme Q10 is chockablock with vitamin C and helps soothe itchy and inflamed skin. Eyebright extract, a.k.a. euphrasia, deflates puffy eyes and diminishes bagginess, while bilberry extract targets dark circles. And vitamin A does battle against winkles, while vitamin E protects against environmental damage.

How to Use

After washing your face, gently dab a few drops of gel into the skin around your eyes and on your lips using your ring finger. If using as an all-over face treatment, apply gel to hands and gently massage onto face using circular motions.

Ubiquinone, Green Tea Extract, Vitamin A & E, Rosehip Oil, Grape Fruit Oil, Bilberry Extract, Eyebright Extract

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My Likey

I little pricey, however I think it's worth the money. Feels good going on and smells pretty okay too. I've been putting it under & around my eyebobbles & wifey noticed the difference. Oh yeah, it really is a sweet product for lips too. Makes em' all kissable and junk.

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