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Give skin even more exfoliating action with the Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser.

Birchbox Breakdown

Remember those old acne clearing pads that burned like fire when you swiped them across your face? That’s because they were full of alcohol. (Same goes for Home Alone-era aftershaves.) Happily, skincare has evolved since then. These alcohol-free Daily Repair Pads gently wipe away dirt, oil, and dead skin cells for brighter, more even-toned skin. Burning and redness are officially a thing of the past.

How it Works

Mandelic acid, the gentlest form of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), loosens dead skin cells and smoothes out any bumpiness or rough spots— even from acne scarring. Niacinamide reduces redness and prevents moisture loss, while zinc peptides help heal any existing breakouts.

How to Use

Start out by using one wipe after cleansing every other day until your skin can adjust. After two weeks you can apply once a day.

Key Ingredients: Mandelic Acid, Niacinamide, Zinc Peptides

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Vivant Skincare Daily repair pads

I love this product. I have very sensitive skin. I had limited redness and peeling following the use of this product. My skin was clear and fresh after a week of using this product. I do think it is very important to stick to every other day if your skin is sensitive like mine.

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Work really quick

I have pretty bad dark spots and these pads made them fade with just a couple uses. Hopefully with a few more uses they will completely fade

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