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To enjoy your concoction in all its glory, cool it with a set of Mason Stones.

W&P Barrel Aging Staves Kit

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Set of 2 Staves

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Birchbox Breakdown

A stint in a charred oak barrel can turn even the shoddiest liquor into brown, honeyed gold. And now, the boys at W&P have taken things one step further. Handmade in Brooklyn from charred oak barrels, these genuine oak staves are a simple way to upgrade a bottle of hooch. A series of holes gives each stave a greater surface area, while a cheese cloth makes straining a breeze. Just soak, strain, and enjoy the smoky flavor.

How to Use

Add the staves to any light spirit, like rum, whisky, gin, or vodka (one stave per 375 ml). Let sit for 5 to 20 days (5 for aged, 20 for charred), tasting periodically, then strain the spirit with cheese cloth to remove any excess particles.

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