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It’s best to shave after a shower so the follicles on your face are invigorated and standing on end. While you’re in there, wash your face with ZIRH Clean.


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We’ve come a long way from those generic shaving foams that always left a rusty ring on your shower ledge. ZIRH's transparent, non-foaming gel is a smarter way to shave. The aloe vera-laced formula conditions and cools the skin during the daily whisker-removal ritual. It spreads evenly and precisely, allowing you to maintain clean facial hair lines.

How it Works

Soothing aloe vera helps protect against razor burn while glycerin conditions and hydrates the skin and helps protect from dryness.

How to Use

Apply to clean, damp skin. Spread a thin layer on your face. A little goes a long way so start with a small amount and add more as needed. Rinse with warm water after shaving.

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my hsband loves how soothing this product is. He gets a very pleasant shave. No razor bumps! would recommend this product to all men!

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Great shave gel

so I had not purchased this product before and bought it on a whim. Got it today and tried it out. It is great. It's clear so you can see whT you're shaving. You get a lot so it will last forever. This is the first time in a long time I haven't had razor burn all over my face. I highly recommend it.

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Awesome Product

For those guys out there that are looking to maintain cool sideburns, goatee or beard, this product is for you!! Unlike shave foam or shave soap that forces you to deal with a lather, this product is CLEAR and when applied on your face, it remains clear!! It allows you to make precision angles with your razor that foam products don't allow you to make, unless you wipe part of the foam off your face, in order to see where you are about to swipe with your razor. I have sensitive skin and a beard. Because this product is clear, it allows me to get the appropriate angles with my razor, in order for me to make the switch from a full beard in the winter, to cool sideburns and goatee in the summer, without dropping bucks at the barber. This product is so good, I use it every time I shave, and that explains why I just added 3 tubs of it to my cart!!!

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Spouse loves this

I purchased this for my husband and he loves it. He says shaving is much more pleasant and his skin is left softer.

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Excellent Shaving Gel

I have fairly sensitive skin, and Zirh shave gel reduces the amount of irritation due to shaving. In addition, I like the fact that its clear. This makes it easy to shave around my goatee.

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