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Glitter’s best friend? Opaque metallic shades. Zoya’s Jewels Trio pairs perfectly with these blingy lacquers.

Birchbox Breakdown

Get festive with this fun nail polish trio, part of Zoya’s Gems and Jewels holiday 2011 collection. The sheer glitter glazes can be worn alone or layered over other shades to make your nails really pop. Rina is filled with bright green bar glitter, Twila is an ocean blue, and Kissy is the nail polish equivalent of pink confetti.

How it Works

All of Zoya’s vegan-friendly formulas are free of formaldehyde, camphor, and other harmful chemicals. Each long-lasting shade goes on smoothly and doesn’t chip for days and days — in fact, they last 50 percent longer than traditional lacquers.

How to Use

Apply a basecoat to your nails. Follow with a coat of glitter polish, wait for it to dry, and apply a second coat. Don’t expect opaque pigment — these are transparent glazes. For more color payoff, apply the glitter shades over a solid basecoat.

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