How to Bio-Hack Your Day: 10 Tips from Dave Asprey, Inventor of Bulletproof Coffee

Dave Asprey credits “bio-hacking”—that is, manipulating internal and external environmental factors to seize control of your biology—for his 100-pound weight loss, 20-point IQ boost, and ability to stay fully functional on as little as two hours of sleep. But how does the CEO and devoted family man do it all in a 24-hour day? Read on for the 10 habits he would never skip.

1. Never jolt awake.

"I use an app on my phone that monitors my sleep, and it wakes me when I am at the top of a sleep cycle and almost awake anyway. My whole day is better without an old-fashioned alarm jerking me from a deep sleep."

2. Drink Bulletproof Coffee.

"I make our coffee using upgraded coffee beans, Brain Octane Oil, and grass-fed unsalted butter. It gives me energy and focus for hours, and removes food’s power to distract me or waste my willpower on resisting cravings. I’m full until I eat a late lunch around 2:00 p.m. or so."

3. Practice smart supplementation.

"Take some vitamins and nootropics (nutrients that help brain function). Our food is not as full of nutrients as it used to be, and our stress is higher. I take the supplements on my top 10 list and a carefully crafted stack of other nutrients that best support my biochemistry."

4. Stand on a vibration plate.

"Moving every day is important, but often I don’t have a free hour for a long walk—I’d rather play with my kids! On those days, I jump on a vibration plate for five or ten minutes at a time to rev up my system, get my lymphs circulating, and recharge between meetings. It moves 30 times per second at the frequency NASA identified for astronaut recovery."

5. Eat a bunch of fat.

"I don’t go a whole day without eating at least one or two delicious meals full of healthy fats: usually a combination of avocados, grass-fed butter, and Brain Octane oil (coconut extract 18 times stronger than coconut oil). A low-fat diet makes you weak. A diet high in unhealthy fats also makes you weak."

6. Do some deep breathing.

"Whether it’s using my heart rate variability trainer, a short meditation, or just taking some short, deep breaths, I train my nervous system to remain calm and composed—in 'rest and digest' rather than in 'fight or flight.'”

7. Eat no-sugar dark chocolate.

"Chocolate is a superfood chock-full of antioxidants (much like coffee). Pick a bar with no or low sugar content, and from a single estate to minimize toxins that are common in lower-quality chocolate."

8. Lie on a sleep induction mat for a few minutes before bed.

"An acupressure mat stimulates the body’s acupressure points to induce muscle relaxation, release of endorphins, and help you fall into a deep sleep."

9. Track your sleep.

"I have a sleep sensor embedded in my mattress, and the app on my phone, so I get a whole night’s worth of sleep data without lifting a finger (or a pillow).

"For the last 696 nights, I had an average time in bed of five hours and 57 minutes. I went two years on less than five hours every single night when I was starting Bulletproof and working a demanding job as vice president at a big company. I can comfortably get four-to-five hours a night. Even two hours is enough for a night or two—my brain still works!"

10. Be grateful.

"Every night, I put my young kids to bed, and we list the three things we’re most grateful for that day. It resets the body so your nervous system stops preparing for flight or fight and starts looking for all the amazing opportunities there are."

Photo: Jason Lelchuk

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