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Style · February 13, 2015

A Girls Guide to Buying Flowers on Valentines Day

Pick something more permanent.

Potted plants can be just as lovelyand they last much longer than cut flowers. An orchid is a classic and elegant option, while a primrose, which is not actually a rose at all, says, I cant live without you (totally true for most of our friends).


Go the herbal route.

Mini botanicals are a playful and affordable alternative to bloomsand they can often be used in some of your lucky recipients favorite recipes. Pick up a bunch of sage, rosemary or thymeat about $5 a piece, theyre a steal.


Steer clear of the color red.

That shade of any variety (not just roses) is more expensive than other colored buds on Valentines Day. Why not go all white? A few bunches of babys breath in a tall, cylindrical vase make a sweet statement.


Buy a pretty vase.

Even ho-hum flowers can look special if you present them well. And a chic vase is something your friend can use forever. We love this blue and white number with a gilded bottom from Anthropologie or you can spray paint a mason jar if youre DIY-friendly.


When in doubt, choose tulips.

Tulips are nearly as iconic as roses. Theyre also in season right now and, if you happened to wait to the last minute, you can probably grab a bunch at the supermarket, no sweat.