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Fitness · September 11, 2015

5 Back Workouts That Will Transform Your Physique


"The chin-up is a classic. It utilizes a number of musclesnot just in the back but also the biceps and abdominals. This should be a standard in any workout. I like this video because he explains the dynamic of the movement which most people don't think about."

Standing T-Bar Rows

"The T-bar row is a great exercise for building up the lower and mid back, as well as nice wide lats. This is great exercise because of the standing position. It creates the need for tons of stabilization in the lower back, core musculature, and legs. This video really goes in-depth about setting up the movement and hand position."

Dual Cable Rows

"Dual cable rows can have different variations, or they can be done without chest support. Not all movements need to be standing or bent over, nor do they have to activate more than a few muscles. Sometimes you need to isolate the movement more to be able to handle a greater degree of weight. This will supply the muscle with more stress and greater chance of adaptation. Your needs, your decision. This video is great because it is simple and direct about the range of motion."

Wide-Lat Pull-Downs

"This movement is great for isolating the lats and really spreading or winging the muscle for a full range of motion. It's another great movement to really pinpoint where you want the stress in the muscle placed. This video is very specific about building to a specific goal of lat growth and not just moving weight. Control is probably one of the hardest things to learn. Just don't be impatient. These guys really hit on that point."


"The face-pull is one of most treasured exercises for shoulder health, specifically the rear delt. The rhomboid and traps also get an advantage here. If you look at a good back, the shoulders define the top outer portion, so this is an important movement and should be somewhere in every program. Symmetry is key. This video has a great start-to-finish and really hits home why we need these smaller movements along with the larger ones we know and trust."

Please consult with a trainer before attempting any rigorous back exercises.


Adam Hurly