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Fitness · July 22, 2015

5 Boxing Workouts to Give You Full-Body Definition

Warm Up

You'll need to loosen the upper body for both the punches youll be throwing and the jabs youll be blocking; this light conditioning will keep muscles and joints relaxed upon impact or strain.


The gloves and tape aren't for nothing: Learning the correct form is critical to avoiding injuries in the elbows and wrists. Relaxed intensity in your arms and hands is key to mastering the jab. You want intense quick bursts that arent chaotic, which will challenge your stamina and build strength.


Boxing is an intricate dance that involves quick and calculated movements throughout the entire body. Footwork is crucial to a boxers skill. These strengthening exercises are perfect to optimize your rhythm and agility.


Nothing rivals boxer abs. Core strength is so important in training because muscles from the core transfer forces between muscles throughout your body. It adds more power behind each punch, while also building stamina.


Boxings caloric burn matches that of running and cycling. Jumping rope, specifically for boxing, with help you practice footwork and control breathing for increased endurance. Boxing is about limited rest and the drive to keep going, so when these reps get tough, keep going.


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