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Holiday · November 2, 2018

How To: Hack the Holidays

Check Off Your Lists Early

The holidays are all snowflakes and cheer until you realize its already the second week of December and you havent even started to think about scouting out gifts for friends and family. Beat the procrastination blues by finally doing your shopping early this year. Make your lists at least a month in advance, or check out ours, and start stocking up so that you can relax and unwind come the big day.

Wrap to Win Hearts

Whats better than the perfect gift? A perfectly wrapped gift! Learning and mastering the art of gift wrapping can be quite the chore, but so rewarding for the recipient when they see how much care you put into it. Steer clear of over-the-top decorations and go for something simple and classic. Check out our easy guide to wrapping, and if you still cant get the hang of it, cheer up by watching these guys give it a go.

Save Cheery Face

The holidays mean parties, and with them come plenty of late nights, cups of punch, and glasses of bubbly. Together, those things can get the better of your appearance when you wake up with tired skin and puffy eyes. Go on the defense and kick your grooming routine into high-gear by incorporating anti-aging products such as face serums and eye creams, which can help to reduce eye puffiness and dark circles while also energizing and firming dull, tired skin so that youre holiday card photo ready 24/7.


Alexis Bridenbaugh