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Curl · April 30, 2015

Why “Hair Plopping” Is the Key to Frizz-Free Curls

We love embracing our natural curls, but there are certain instances (ahem, humid days) that make us want to curse the beauty gods for unwanted frizz and a total lack of definition. Those days are soon to be a thing of the past thanks to "hair plopping", a technique that allows curls to retain their shape as they air dry. Here's a play-by-play on how to achieve the technique at home.

1. After detangling, apply a curl defining product (we like Bumble and bumble. Curl Defining Creme) to damp curls.
2. Next, lay a cotton t-shirt or non-terry cloth towel like the DevaCurl DevaTowel Anti-Frizz Microfiber Towel) on a flat surface.
3. Flip your head over and slowly lower your curls onto the t-shirt or towel, so that they gently pile on top of each other (ps. this is "the plop"!)
4. If using a t-shirt, take the bottom and secure it over the nape of your neck, followed by the top of your t-shirt. Tie any remaining fabric (like the sleeves) toward the front of your head. Same goes for the towel wrap it up like you normally would, keeping your "plop" style intact.
5. Then simply let your curls air dry for 20 minutes to two hours, or sleep on them overnight.

Unlike drying with terry cloth towels, which disturb the hair cuticle (and lead to major frizz!), gently folding hair onto a t-shirt allows curls to air dry intact without losing moisture. The result? Controlled, totally heat-free defined coils that won't unravel as soon as the thermostat hits 80. We like the sound of that.


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