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Wellness · September 28, 2018

hims 101

Why did you decide to launch hims? Did you see something missing in the mens wellness landscape?

Absolutelythe idea for hims came after realizing that none of my friends and peers talked about uncomfortable (yet common) personal care topics, like hair loss, erectile dysfunction, skincare, etc. After asking more direct questions, I soon discovered that most guys were eager to learn about treatment options, but felt uncomfortable asking for help and were confused by the information they found randomly searching online. We launched hims about a year ago as a way to normalize these aspects of men's health, encourage more conversations, offer education and provide access to hassle-free solutions addressing pain points impacting mens personal care.

One of your core products treats ED, which is a very common problem amongst men. Why do you think there is such a stigma surrounding it, and how do you hope to change it?

There's a huge stigma around ED that largely comes from the lack of conversation about men's care and the discomfort many guys feel broaching these topics with doctors, friends, and even their partners. In addition to this (really valid) discomfort, society also tells guys that it's weird or uncommon to want to take care of themselves. Our goal is to approach these stigmas by offering access to education around the fact that most men will face these concerns at some point. hims exists so men can make more informed decisions about their health, no matter what they choose.

Tell us about The Handsome Vitamin. A lot of guys dont think about taking a multivitamin. Whys it so important?

The Handsome Vitamin promotes thicker hair, stronger nails, better skin, and has key nutrients that are good for your heart, nerves, and digestion. Taking a multivitamin is a really baseline way for guys to take care of themselves. This particular product ensures guys are receiving the recommended amount of essential nutrients every day, which has long-lasting effects on bodily functions like hair growth.

If a guy had to choose one thing to do to take care of himself, what should it be?

Instead of consulting random internet forums at 3 a.m. for health-related questions, we recommend guys start approaching the appropriate medical professional with their questions. So many men suffer in silence when it comes to concerns about wellness and we're here to help them start conversations about these topics in a frictionless, convenient way.


Alexis Bridenbaugh