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Body · September 16, 2015

How to Use a beautyblender from Head to Toe

Conquer Nooks and Crannies


It can be hard to maneuver a larger sponge in small spaces like the inner corners of your eyes or along your bottom lash linee. Instead of risking a flub, use a beautyblender micro mini, a teeny-tiny (not to mention extremely adorable) version of the original pink beautyblender that allows you to be more targeted with your application. Use the green sponges to spot correct with concealer and zero in on dark circles, or to dab touches of highlighter near your tear ducts as a finishing touch on a smoky eye.

Take Your T-Zone Back to Matte


Instead of blowing through multiple blotting papers when you start to get shiny, gently dab your face with the new, super thin Blotterazzi pads. These reusable sponges, which look like a flattened out version of the original beautyblender, quickly soak up oil without smudging, rubbing, or dragging your makeup. Use the wider end on larger areas like your forehead, and dab with the pointed end to reach trickier areas like the corners of your nose.

Temporarily Undo Tattoos


With a little Dermablend and a beautyblender original, you can cover up even the most intricate ink for a job interview or photo op. Start with a primer to cancel out the green undertones of the dark pigment, then use a slightly damp beautyblender to gradually build layers of tattoo concealer on top. The sponge will help blend the edges of the thick concealer into the rest of your skin so your cover-up goes unnoticed. Seal everything with a powder, and repeat the process if needed.

Apply Body BBs Mess-Free


Applying tinted body lotion with your hands can leave your palms stainednot to mention anything you touch in the aftermath. Skip an emergency appointment with a Tide To Go pen by dispensing your tinted body cover-up or self-tanner directly onto a damp bodyblender. The tool is designed to give you a streak-free finish on your legs, arms, and dcolletage without ruining your manicure in the process, and since the sponge itself is black, it wont get stained in the process.



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