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Hair · May 21, 2015

Figure Out if Short Hair Suits You with this Quick Trick

To chop or not to chop? That is the question. If you don't have time to pin your hair into a faux bob or use your Photoshop skills to digitally fake one, hairstylist John Frieda has a shortcut to help you decide. The hair expert has found that the angle of the jawbone is what really determines whether someone looks better with long hair or short hair, so he came up with the "2.25 inch test," an easy method for figuring out which camp you fall in.

Hold a pencil horizontally under your chin and place a ruler under your ear vertically. Look at where the pencil and ruler intersect: If the measurement is less than 2.25 inches (think Audrey Hepburn and Halle Berry), your face was made for pixies and lobs; if it's more than 2.25 inches (think Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Kardashian), consider a trim instead of a full on chop. Of course, hair texture and face shape play a part in the bigger equation, but this a speedy way to put an end to tirelessly asking your friends, Do you think short hair would look good on me?



Erica Smith