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Wellness · September 10, 2015

Kegels for Men: How They Help, and How to Do Them

How Kegel exercises benefit men

If you have a leaky bladderyou think youre finished urinating, everythings tucked away, but then it turns out theres a little more Kegels can help, and theyll prevent future issues with incontinence. They will also increase blood flow to the area, which should help you get and maintain better erections.

How to locate the PC muscle

To isolate the muscle, pay attention the next time youre in the bathroom. About midway through urinating, stop or slow down the flow. Do so without holding your breath, and without using any nearby muscles, like the legs, abs, or butt.

Alternatively, you can also imagine youre stopping the passing of gas. If you feel that pulling sensationbeing careful not to contract any other musclesthen youve successfully isolated the PC.

How to do male Kegels

A standard male Kegel workout consists of contracting the PC muscle for a slow count of five, then releasing for another slow count of five. You should repeat these steps ten times, and then repeat the entire process once or twice each day. Its as simple as that.

You may want to first try these lying down, and only contract for a count of two to three. After 3-4 weeks of doing them horizontally, try standing up and doing the process outlined above.

Once that gets too easy, consider adding in advanced maneuvers like extended contraction times of 10-20 seconds or longer, or try fluttering the PC muscle. Remember: Dont tighten any other muscles.

When to expect results

Bladder control and blood flow should improve incrementally after three weeks. Results may not be obvious at first; keep in mind that youre doing these Kegel exercises for their long-term, ongoing benefits.


Adam Hurly