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Fitness · January 20, 2015

How to: Make Your Blowout Last Through a Workout

Style for the Long Haul

Want to wait a day or two between washes? Webb advises exercisers to prep for a blowout by shampooing twice with a sulfate-free shampoo like Number 4's Clarifying formula. Once youve towel-dried your hair, apply styling products from mid-shaft to the ends before combing them through to prevent buildup. When youre sweating, product is the last thing you need in your hair," Webb says. "If you can, keep it to a heat protectant, (We love Number 4's Blow Dry Lotion.)

Sleep On It (Carefully)

To protect her blowout the night before a morning workout, Webb pulls back the sides of her hair with duck bill clips, and puts a Velcro roller into the section at the crown to keep it from separating while she sleeps. If thats too intense for you to sleep on, she prescribes two very loose braids secured with fabric hair bands so you don't wake up with creases.

Prep to Sweat

Before hitting the gym, Webb relies on one of our most-trusted products: I use my fingers to slice hair into sections and spray dry shampoo into the roots, focusing on the scalp, nape, and around the face, where sweat will accumulate, says Webb. (You can't go wrong with amika's Perk Up Dry Shampoo.) To protect your hair from inevitable sweat, pull it into braided pigtails, secure with fabric hair ties, and wear a fabric headband.

Refresh and Reset

Post-rinsewith a shower cap, of coursesmooth over any still-sweaty areas near the roots and nape of the neck with a blow dryer and round brush, adding dry shampoo to those same areas. For added volume, Webb suggests putting in Velcro rollers while your hair is still warm. Once your hair has cooled, take out the rollers, and finish with some hairspray.