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Fitness · January 13, 2015

The Fitness Gear Thatll Make You Actually Want to Work Out

The Headband That Stays Put Through Boot Camp

We love bobbi pins, but they just dont hold up during a hardcore class. Work on your fitness flyaway-free with Under Armours Braided Headbands, a flashy elastic band that wont budge while you're doing burpees.

The Face Wipes That Prevent Sweat-Induced Breakouts

For clear skin, its important to wash off after sweating profuselybut theres no need to lug a bottle of cleanser to the gym. Marcelles oil- and alcohol-free cleansing cloths leave skin feeling fresh without irritating post-exercise.

The Featherweight Tote That Fits All Your Gear

Carrying a second gym bag can be a drag. But this BAGGU Duck Bag in Sailor Stripe has an adjustable strap and canvas handles, making it easy to lug around. Its light and roomy, leaving plenty of space for a change of clothes for that rewarding post-workout activity (cough, ice cream, cough).

The Dry Shampoo Thats Better Than a Shower

No time to shower? No judgment here. Use the powerhouse amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo instead, which absorbs oil and dirt, leaving hair clean, and odor-free. It will revive your hair faster than your instructor can shout give me another rep!

The Water Bottle That Makes H2O Taste Better

Three words: Coconut shell filter. The KOR Nava Water Bottle self-filters, so your H2O tastes fresh, eliminating the dreaded chlorine aftertaste and faucet odor. The cushioned rubber base ensures it wont slip or break when you set it down in between all those reps.

The Leggings That Keep You Dry

Why not downward dog in a pair of Birchbox-approved pants? Our Diamond Yoga Leggings are just the right amount of stretchy and made from a moisture-wicking fabric to prevent sweat marks in the studio.

The Underarm Wipes That Pack a Double Punch

A deodorant wipe that banishes B.O. and slows down hair growth? Talk about a gym rats dream come true. Pack Whish Deodorant Swipes in your bag for pre- and post-workout wipe downs (you can probably skip your shave the next day too).

The Snack That'll Give You Energy the Natural Way

Whether you're trying to fill up pre- or post-run, the Tosi Almond SuperBite is the only snack you need to pack. Raw almonds with a crunchy coating of flax, chia, and sesame seeds translates into tons of protein, omega 3s, and fiber. The results: A full, satisfied stomach for your next cardio session.

The Earphones That Keep You Running

Nothing is worse than a pair of buds that fail you in the middle of a long jog. The Icon Q Altos Earphones with Mic feature a cord thats wrapped in a durable casing to prevent tanglingperfect for interruption-free treadmill time while binge-listening to your favorite podcasts.

The Socks That Make Barre Class Slightly Easier

Colorful and functional, these Point Studio Grip Socks are perfect for barre, pilates, and yoga classes, with grippy pads that keep your feet firmly planted while you're pulsing and crunching.