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Fitness · January 16, 2015

Dressing Up for the Gym: Why Athleisure Wear Might Be the Key to Achieving All Your Fitness Goals

Next time youre at the gym, take a look around the sea of weight machines and treadmills. Somethings changed. Everyone is dressed a lotbetter. Decades-old university t-shirts and mesh shorts have been replaced by sweat-wicking compression undershirts and slim fitting sweats. This sartorial shift comes with some bad and some good news.

On the one hand, were at the gym to get in shape, not win a fashion contest. On the other hand, nicer workout threads are blurring the line between regular day outfit and gym outfit. And this just might just be the key to finally crushing all your fitness goals. In a world where gym clothes are nice enough to wear to work (office culture dependent, obviously), you can trick yourself into working out and guarantee a post-work day or mid-work day trip to the gym simply by getting dressed in the morning. Excuses are hard to find when the clock strikes 6 p.m. and youre already wearing the clothes you plan to sweat in.

Weve always maintained that the man makes the clothes, but in this case, the clothes can make the manby writing workout checks that hes obligated to cash.

That said, here are a few things to keep in mind when wearing your gym clothes to work:

1. Wear a sport coat or top coat over your baselayer and sweatshirt. Itll take the attention away from your sweats and sneakers.

2. Pick subdued colors, with the possible exception of one item (like a vest, shoes, or socks).

3. Keep everythingespecially joggers or sweatpantsas slim as possible.

4. Accessories like headphones and protein shakes will help convince your colleagues it isnt just pajama day.


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