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Grooming · January 8, 2015

New Year, New Haircut: 5 Fresh Styles You Can Totally Pull Off in 2015


Short Hair: The High and Tight

Short hair generally lends itself to effortless, classic stylesand we respect that. This tried-and-true look is a simple upgrade from a standard close-cropped hairdo: Its easy to get, easy to style, and flattering on just about anyone. (Learn how to get it here.)


Mid-Length Hair: The Quiff

If your hair falls anywhere between 3-6 inches in length, youve got an opportunity to give it some serious altitude. Just start your routine with a blow dryer to add a little volume, and keep the top nicely sculpted with a strong-hold, soft-finish styler. (Learn how to get it here.)


Long Hair: The Undercut

Lengthy hair is a look for the bold (or the very, very lazy). To prove yourself the former, take advantage of your bountiful coif by trimming it into an undercut. Youll join a long list of bad-asses who have rocked the timeless style: Think WWI soldiers, 20's gangsters, and weatherworn British explorers. (Learn how to get it here.)


Thinning Hair: Grow It Out

Most men with thinning hair try to keep it out of sight, either by wearing it close-cropped or shaving it off entirely. But if you pair the proper cut with the proper styling regimen, even thin, receding hair can make a major statement. (Learn how to get it here.)


Curly Hair: The Curly Quiff

Tackling curls with pomade and a comb is an exercise in futility. But theres more than one way to wrangle a stubborn mop-top. For a look that turns heads without appearing too avant-garde, try trimming the sides and unleashing the top for a curly take on a classic. Just ask your barber for the same dimensions as an undercut, and keep any frizz in check with a medium-hold styling cream. (Learn how to get it here.)

Image Credits: HBO, Notorious Mag.


Nathaniel Nagy

Copywriter, cold brew advocate, purveyor of handcrafted birthday haikus since 2009.