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Style · June 24, 2015

Meet the New Class of (Classy) Men: The Nouveau Bros

The Nouveau Bro cares about grooming, he drinks Old Fashioneds, and he wears his shorts above the knee. Needless to say, we hope he's here to stay. Check some of the Nouveau Bro qualities below, and learn if you fit the bill. (You'll see via the hyperlinks that we've rounded these bases a few times.)

1. Man buns

2. Talking about man buns

3. Thinking man buns are cool

4. Trying to grow a man bun

5. Complimenting their friends with man buns

6. This haircut

13. Saying brah ironically

17. Chris Pratt

20. Asking you if you watch Game of Thrones

21. Being surprised that you dont watch Game of Thrones

24. Getting into wine

25. The World Cup

26. Soccer, in general

36. Plaid everything

37. Jeans that fit

39. Learning how to make cocktails

40. Old Fashioneds

41. Warby Parker

46. Warming up to pop music

47. Colorful socks

48. Discussing grilling

54. Being proud of being able to tie a tie

56. Owning a pair of shorts that go above the knee

57. Feeling cool for owning a pair of shorts that go above the knee

64. And lastly but most importantly: gingham print

Check the whole list of Nouveau Bro qualities at Buzzfeed.


Adam Hurly